ViewPad FAQ’s

Q. What happens to my old Laptop or Network?

A. Your old Laptop or Netbook will recycled after all personal data has been completely erased. We use the Blancco data-shredding tool to ensure your data is cleared.

Q. How can I tell the age of my Laptop or Netbook?

  • Find the paperwork. Check the documentation that came with your equipment, if you still have it. Simply check the dates included in the documentation, including copyright information and manufacturing date. The most recent year you find is likely an accurate indicator of the year the computer was manufactured.
  • Check the BIOS. The BIOS (BASIC INPUT OUTPUT SYSTEM) is a piece of software stored on a chip on your Laptop’s/Netbook’s motherboard. This software controls the basic functions of the computer and is rarely updated, its age is often an accurate indicator of the age of the machine, however if you have updated the BIOS at some point it will often take on the date of the update.Finding the info stored inside the BIOS is quite simple, however accessing BIOS info varies from one computer to the next. Normally, switch on your Laptop/Netbook and follow the on-screen instructions, look for “press F2 to enter setup” or similar. The BIOS is typically a text-based interface you can browse through with the arrow keys. Browse all information until you find the manufacture date, or the date the BIOS was installed.
  • Check the manufacturers website. Go to the website of the company that made your computer, e.g.; Dell, HP and search for your make and model. If you don’t know the model of your computer, it’s likely written on the bottom or side of your machine, you’ll normally find a variety of information about your Laptop/Netbook–including the year it was made.
  • If all else fails, Google it! Looking for press reviews is a great way of finding out the approximate age of a Laptop/Netbook, it is normally accurate to within 1 year of the launch date of the computer model. Simply type the model and the word “review” into Google, not much magazine editorial ever gets taken down. What you will find (nine times out of ten) is a press review done at launch. You will normally find it easily with the big brands.

Q. I have purchased my ViewPad from a different retailer, this retailer isn’t listed in your participating retailers section. Can I still claim?

A. We can only offer cash-back on ViewPad purchases, purchased from the participating retailers listed.

Q. Can I trade in a something else i.e. not a Laptop or Netbook?

A. We cannot accept anything other than a working and undamaged Laptop or Network (general wear and tear acceptable), no more than 4 years of age, in working order, complete with functioning battery, accessories and leads.

Q. Can I claim for the cash back as soon as I purchase a ViewPad 7 or ViewPad 10?

A. Under the terms of this promotion you may only claim after 30 days from the purchase/receipt date and within 60 days. Any claims made before or after this period will be marked as invalid.

Q. I’ve purchased a ViewPad from a participating retailer- but I don’t have an old Laptop or Netbook to trade in- can I still receive my cash back?

A. You may only take part in this promotion if you have an old Laptop or Netbook to trade in. Terms and conditions apply.

Q. How long will it take for me to receive my cashback?

A. We endeavor to provide you with your cashback within 56 days of validating your claim, Please note we cannot validate your claim until we have received your old Laptop or Netbook.

Q. Who can take part in the ViewSonic ViewPad Trade-Up Promotion?

A. This promotion is open to residents of the mainland UK only.

Q: Are returns of old equipment limited?

A: The program is solely for the return of old Laptops and Netbooks, and is limited to one item per claim. Valid claims are capped at a maximum of 10 per household or per business.

Q: How do I send my old Laptop or Netbook?

A: You receive a forwarding label within the claim process. Carefully attach it to the parcel for shipping. You must ensure that the equipment is safely packaged for transport. We advise insuring your parcel against damage as no responsibility is taken by the promoter for loss or damage in transit.

Q. Do I get help with my shipping/delivery costs?

A. Yes. Valid claims made in the UK will receive an extra £10 in addition to the relevant cashback amount.

Q. I have a question relating to my claim, who should I contact?

A. Please contact customer services if you have any further queries;

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